Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs

 Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs 

A Motorsport UK Registered Association

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Event Date Event Name Type Status Organising Club Championships
3 Nov 12 Car Rally RR CM Loughborough Car Club Ltd
7 Nov Builth Stages M IC Herefordshire Motor Club Ltd Heart of England Championship
7 Nov -> 8 Nov Powys Lanes Rally RR IC Epynt Motor Club Ltd
8 Nov Roy Fedden Sporting Car Trial CT IC Bristol Motor Club
8 Nov Guy Fawkes Trial T CM Falcon Motor Club Ltd
12 Nov 12 Car Navigational Exercise B CM Ross and District Motor Sports Ltd
14 Nov Autotest A CM Ross and District Motor Sports Ltd
15 Nov Loughborough Trial CT IC Loughborough Car Club Ltd
15 Nov Autumn Trial CT CM Stroud District Motor Club
22 Nov November Autotest A South Oxon Car Club
28 Nov Autotest A CM Ross and District Motor Sports Ltd
29 Nov Allen Classic Trial V CM Bristol Motor Club


A = Autotest,
CT = Car Trial,
E = Economy Run,
H = Historic Rally,
K = Scatter,
L = Cross Country,
M = Multi Use Venue Rally,
O = Other,
Q = Rallycross,
RR = Road Rally,
RT = Rally Time Trial,
S = Sprint / Hillclimb,
SR = Stage Rally,
T = Trial,
V = Classic Trial,
X = Autocross,
TBA = To be advised.

C = Closed to Club,
CM = Clubman,
CS = Clubsport,
DP = Dual Permit,
I / Int = International,
NA = National A,
NB = National B,
TBA = To be advised