Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs

 Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs 

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  2019 Heart of England Rally Championship  

  in association with Mr Tyre Tyres & Steve Blackham Motorsport  



This page is devoted to the Stage Rally Championship of the AWMMC, click on the tabs above to be guilded to what you wish to see.

2019 Championship Calendar

Event Date Event Status Organising Club
3 Mar Donington Rally NB Dukeries Motor Club Ltd
16 Mar -> 17 Mar AGBO Stage Rally NB Owen Motoring Club Ltd
6 Apr Get It Sideways Stages NB Cheltenham Motor Club
25 May Red Dragon I.T. Stages NB EMCOS
9 Jun Abingdon CAR-nival Stages NB Sutton and Cheam Motor Club
29 Sep Patriot Stages NB Forresters Car Club Ltd.
13 Oct Adgespeed Stages NB Wigan and District Motor Club